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J-Bay WSL Open

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Engineer : Structural Solutions

J-Bay Open is the sixth stop on the World’s Surfing Championship Tour. Jeffreys Bay (J-Bay), South Africa, has the dubious distinction of being the site where Mick Fanning was attacked by a Great White Shark during the final. The incident landed on the front pages of websites and newspapers around the world. Toothy friends aside, J-Bay is considered the best right-hand point break on the planet period.
Kelly Slater lists it as one of his favourite waves in the world. Thanks to its multitude of moods it has a lot to offer. When the swell’s pumping and the winds are whipping offshore it’s an impressive sight to see, but there’s other stuff to check out to. A number of nearby animal sanctuaries offer guests the chance to experience a slice of the African safari life.

The Container building is designed to be a temporary structure and is only erected for the week of the contest. The 3 storey building, is design to accommodate the surfers, media crew, judges and surfer guests.

Alongside it is the spectators pavilion, Carona bar and free music shows, across to the Supertubes Park, featuring a range of top South African bands and musicians performing live. Every year the live music was one of the highlights of the festival, with large crowds gathering to watch the bands, enjoy the vibes and chill with a few Coronas at sunset after long days of excellent surfing.

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